Supporting you to create a business you can leverage for future freedom.


Those wanting to take their first steps to freedom by starting a business. Whether you have a concept, or you are one year into your startup journey, this is about ensuring you have the right foundations, and strategy to build your business for future freedom.


To start a leverageable business, we need to prepare solid foundations that stand the test of time. 

This program focuses on level 1 of the Leverage System- there are three main pillars: Passion, Flexibility & Duplication. This program focuses on the vision of your product, your people and how you will make a profit. If we start with a clear vision and build solid business foundations from the beginning, you will create a business that is driven by passion, gives you the life flexibility you desire and can make you money now and into the future. It takes great energy and courage to take this step into the world of business. This Startup program is designed to help you build a business you will love, and this program will give you the support you need to take the exciting leap of faith in yourself and your business concept. 

Start your business the right way


When you have Passion Power you can achieve more. This is where we analyse your passion, your product, your purpose, and your profit centre and ensure it is congruent with who you truly are so that you can create and maintain the fuel you will need to grow your successful business now and for years to come.

For a leader to push through the tough times in life and business, you need a business that you will fight for; if that time comes-you need Passion Power. The world of business is not for the faint of heart, and you need passion, resilience, and a sturdy map of where you want to go to be able to succeed.

The Outcome

Clarity on your business purpose, passion, and product so that you can determine if you can create a profitable business (Action points-you will complete a business plan, simple marketing plan and other templated documents to set the foundations of your business)

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For you to feel like you own a business, you aren’t owned by your business, this important pillar discovers what flexibility means to you. Is it in the hours you work, the location, or is the flexibility to use your creativity? To have flexibility in business is the dream outcome for many, but it takes a strategy and vision to work out what that looks like and by when, as for some businesses flexibility comes later.

When we have more flexibility to work around family and our personal life, we experience more satisfaction in our life, better health, better relationships, which in turn allows us to do what we love and be a better person and leader whilst we are doing it.

The Outcome

Clarity on the support and skills you will need to make this dream a reality. (Action points-you will create a life and work plan to maximise your efficiency and flexibility, a vision for your ultimate work life blend so that you can work towards it)

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Leverageable businesses create systems and processes so that anyone can walk in and start working in the business. They also create valuable things they can design once, sell multiple times and make money now and into the future. To create diamond products and systems for your business takes time, patience and awareness.

The more diamonds we can create for our business, the more it sparkles, and the more people are attracted to our shine, which means the more chance we have of success.

The Outcome

Clarity on the systems and processes you will need to make and save your business money now and in the future. (Action points-a product map that outlines the products you could create for your business now and into the future, a systems map so you can see the skills and process gaps in your business, and clarification on who does what in the business and the roles you will need filled now and in the future)

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What others have to say

Kate ChristieFounder and Managing Director Time Stylers and Best-selling Author of “Me Time”

“Bree James is one of those rare speakers who has a wonderfully appealing charisma which helps her to engage any audience in seconds. I recently attended an Author’s Retreat in Bali where Bree James was one of the keynote speakers. She is amazing. Bree is the content Queen on media; what publishers do and don’t want; how to differentiate yourself in their eyes; how to generate endless ideas for content; and then how to manage that content. Bree has a lovely, open and generous style - she is warm and very funny. I would highly recommend Bree for your next event.”

Sarah StandenFounder and Managing Director of InkByte Communications

“We engaged Bree to deliver a facilitated training workshop which exceeded expectations both in terms of the attendance she attracted and the feedback from the audience. We immediately received emails and messages from attendees thanking us for her engaging, informative and entertaining presentation. We would recommend Bree James to any group, conference or business seeking an engaging and impressive speaker or facilitator.”

Andrew GriffithsInternational Best-selling Author and Global Speaker

“Bree James’ approach to life is incredibly empowering, she is a champion for those who need a champion and she has an exceptional brain that finds solutions in situations where others only see problems. She is able to inspire and energise whilst sharing advice that has deeply embedded wisdom at its core. Bree has become the person that I measure all
others against.”

Linda ChamaretteEvents Manager – Pet Industry Association of Australia

Bree James was an insightful and engaging presenter who took the time to research and understand her audience. Her delivery of ‘Seven Things Every Business Owner needs to Monitor to Succeed in Business’ was very well received by our delegates at AusBoard 2019. We wouldn’t hesitate in asking Bree to present at any of our events in the future.’
Linda Chamarette – Events Manager – Pet Industry Association of Australia

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