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Bree has reviewed:

  • Cars working with brands like Toyota, Kluger, Haval, & Mitsubishi
  • Travel destinations working with brands like Cairns Airport, Silk Air, Singapore Tourism, Disney, Universal Studios
  • Reviews, Accommodation, attractions, food, beauty treatments, supermarket specials, toy reviews, product reviews
  • and lots more.

Whether it’s diving, fishing, dirt bike riding, hiking, water-sports, flying a helicopter, eating weird foods, or going on an adventure- Bree is our give-it-a-go queen. She loves to try new things and share her journey with us.

These reviews can be executed:

  • In print and featured in Bree’s parenting magazine PakMag with 75,000 monthly readers
  • In video & placed on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & displayed on multiple websites to increase SEO.
  • As a series of blogs and hosted on multiple websites
  • In 360 degree video to give a fully immersive experience.
  • As digital advertising campaigns to attract lead generation.

Bree would love to shine a light on your business.


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