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I support you to leverage your knowledge & experience to help others on a deeper level.

Is it time to turn your knowledge & experience into something to help others on a deeper level?

I help people find the intersection between their passion and expertise and support them to create profitable, duplicatable products so they can make an impact and money while they sleep. 

#1 Clarity

Strategies to help you clarify your vision for the future strategically and consistently.

#2 Clear

Processes to help you clear what’s holding you back consciously, subconsciously, and energetically

#3 Courage

Support and confidence to help you achieve your vision
I'm Very Interested!


For those who have specialised knowledge and expertise, and a strong desire to teach, influence, and support others by being an author, speaker, or infopreneur. 

This is about packaging your unique experience, clearing your limiting beliefs about being an influencer and changemaker, and giving you skills, confidence, and frameworks to productise your knowledge. There is great opportunity for those that want to productise their skills, build residual income, and share their experience with others.


It’s about finding the intersection of your passion and purpose to create a leverageable information business. It’s about finding the treasure buried deep within you, and supporting you to believe in the power of your uniqueness, so that you can impact lives, and build income from sharing your genius (even as you sleep). The world needs more freethinkers liberating others and helping them to reach their next level in their lives. If you are reading this, it sounds like it’s time we productise and share all of your talents and gifts.

This coaching program is a 12 month commitment. 

We will have 26 sessions over this 12 month period to keep you on track.

I will support you to bring your ideas to life, so that you can build the business and life you desire and impact others along your journey.

If you are ready to take your life and business to the next level, I’d love to hear from you. 

What others have to say

Bronwyn VoyceIpswich Regional Council

Bree is a serial entrepreneur with killer creativity and innate business nous. Her passion and dedication are second to none and she continues to go from stride to stride. She is a real asset to anyone who works with her.

Andrew GriffithsBest selling Author, Speaker, Coach

Bree James’ approach to life is incredibly empowering, she is a champion for those who need a champion and she has an exceptional brain that finds solutions in situations where others only see problems. She is able to inspire and energise whilst sharing advice that has deeply embedded wisdom at its core. Bree has become the person that I measure all others against.

Adriana BraidPainting Party

Bree James is an inspiring young woman and I have been able to work with her and watch her evolution over the past 7 years as she grows in her passions for making a better and more informed world.

Nardine CollierCollier Family Law

It’s really wonderful to work with Bree, she makes you feel so comfortable with what you do, she coaches you, encourages you and makes you feel as if you can achieve anything.

Mario CalannaCalanna Pharmacy Group

The more I get to know Bree the more she surprises and inspires me. We are each born to be great and a Hero lies within each of us. However it takes belief, commitment, resilience and a pathway to follow to discover this Hero. Well the guide is Bree. How much do you want to be great and be the best of which you are capable? You are one click or one phone call away from working with her. Go on and take the step to your better self"

Kylie RyanFounder SuperCoach Academy

Bree is a member of my SuperCoach Academy receiving ongoing supervision for her coaching and has demonstrated her care, empathy, compassion, thirst for knowledge and expertise consistently. She has a potent combination of skills and wisdom across healing and business, and I highly recommend her work.

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