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My personal values mean everything to me. I live and die by my integrity, my honesty and my ever-present entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve always been a business owner, long before I ever realised I was. From selling AVON at the age of 10, through to owning and operating one of the largest and most successful regional publishing companies in Australia, I’ve got a wild entrepreneurial spirit and I just love it.

In reality I’m a solutions finder, I see a problem and I build a business that solves it. Simple as that. This has led me towards all kinds of adventures in the entrepreneurial world. Today I somehow manage a growing family, a busy publishing business that is always launching new products around Australia, an Entertainment Business, a Marketing company, and a few more big ideas that are still in the development stage.

In amongst all of this,

I’m also a travel writer and blogger, sharing my family exploits in very cool locations including Bali, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Germany, South Africa and of course Australia. This underpins my philosophy to life which is all about “giving it a go”. I’ve inherited a truly adventurous soul, with a strong desire to live the richest life I can.

This approach to life and business has now manifested into books, a speaking career, blogs and partnerships with some pretty extraordinary people. But I still feel like I’m just getting started.

What drives me insatiably forward is my desire to help people.

To help people to have the best life they possibly can. My biggest passion in life has always come from helping people. My favourites are Small Business owners, Parents, and Parentpreneurs (the crazies that do both!), to be brave, bold and brilliant. I do this by helping them to grow highly effective teams and or families, establish what is important, to get more things done, discover their inner brilliance and most importantly-the courage to give more things a go.

What others have to say

Kate ChristieFounder and Managing Director Time Stylers and Best-selling Author of “Me Time”

“Bree James is one of those rare speakers who has a wonderfully appealing charisma which helps her to engage any audience in seconds. I recently attended an Author’s Retreat in Bali where Bree James was one of the keynote speakers. She is amazing. Bree is the content Queen on media; what publishers do and don’t want; how to differentiate yourself in their eyes; how to generate endless ideas for content; and then how to manage that content. Bree has a lovely, open and generous style - she is warm and very funny. I would highly recommend Bree for your next event.”

Sarah StandenFounder and Managing Director of InkByte Communications

“We engaged Bree to deliver a facilitated training workshop which exceeded expectations both in terms of the attendance she attracted and the feedback from the audience. We immediately received emails and messages from attendees thanking us for her engaging, informative and entertaining presentation. We would recommend Bree James to any group, conference or business seeking an engaging and impressive speaker or facilitator.”

Andrew GriffithsInternational Best-selling Author and Global Speaker

“Bree James’ approach to life is incredibly empowering, she is a champion for those who need a champion and she has an exceptional brain that finds solutions in situations where others only see problems. She is able to inspire and energise whilst sharing advice that has deeply embedded wisdom at its core. Bree has become the person that I measure all
others against.”

Linda ChamaretteEvents Manager – Pet Industry Association of Australia

Bree James was an insightful and engaging presenter who took the time to research and understand her audience. Her delivery of ‘Seven Things Every Business Owner needs to Monitor to Succeed in Business’ was very well received by our delegates at AusBoard 2019. We wouldn’t hesitate in asking Bree to present at any of our events in the future.’
Linda Chamarette – Events Manager – Pet Industry Association of Australia

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