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With over 20 years’ experience in business, a strong marketing mind and a matchless ability to captivate audiences big and small, Bree James delivers something truly unique when presenting. Mixing sharp-witted humour
with helpful guidance, she pushes the boundaries, inspiring change and motivating her audience to be brave, be bold and be brilliant.

A highly-sought after keynote speaker, Bree James has spoken for various organisations in Australia and overseas. She has presented to large female entrepreneurial associations, aspiring and established authors and professional speakers, small business groups, parenting seminars, globally recognised corporations, and government bodies.


  • 7 Things Business Owners Need to Consider for Success.
  • How to Live Together, Work Together & Still Love Eachother.
  • The Power of your People – Building them, Keeping them and Engaging them.
  • Marketing To Families-How to Engage, Influence, and Nurture Families so they Buy More From You.
  • The Power of Vision-how to use it to get what you want in business.
  • How to manage your family and your business #likeaboss.


  • How To Nurture the Entrepreneur in Your Child.
  • “Don’t raise a dud”: 12 things we need to teach children.
  • The power of parents-empower them to raise incredible children, and it will change the world for the better.
  • Why we need more parents with a united vision.
  • Futureproof your family. What you can do now, for a happier and more connected tomorrow.


Over the years Bree has MC’d weddings to events, awards nights & special events, to conferences and everything in between. Bree has managed panels, debates, and as an event planner with over two decades of experience, Bree knows you just need someone that is the glue for your event for your audience (who isn’t another problem for you to manage!).
Bree loves MC’ing and adding energy to events


  • Birthing A Business. The Good, the Bad and the Opportunity.
  • Nail Your Personal and Business Branding.
  • Content is King.
  • How to Live Together, Work Together and Still Love Eachother.
  • Does Your Marketing Pie have the Right Recipe?

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What others have to say

Ivonne AmbrozkiewiczBusy Bee's Early Learning

I recently attended a talk on LinkedIn strategy presented by Bree. She was lively, entertaining and very well informed. She was able to succinctly convey key concepts, present a new way of thinking and also make it fun.

Emma TumbersPullman Cairns International

Pullman Cairns International held a fundraising Trivia night and working with Bree for our event was seamless. I engaged Bree after working with her in the past, as I knew she would be able MC our event flawlessly. As the organiser of the event, Bree made it all stress free and nothing was too trouble. Bree was able to easily interact with the diverse group of attendees. She was able to engage the audience and keep the tempo of the room going and we have had a number of guests already approach us with positive feedback about Bree.

Larissa FloodCairns Domestic and Family Violence Coordinator

Bree has a magical way of enticing the audience into her life story and her visuals have a unique way of getting everyone’s attention. She is refreshing, honest and very inspirational. You cannot help but to feel warmth, love and have a good laugh at the same time. So many hats, so much talent.

Sally MilkotaDirector at CBC Staff Selection

Bree is real, she is entertaining, and most importantly, she wanted the audience to leave with some inspiration and lessons on how to drive their business to the next level. She had the audience laughing, as well as shuddering and a few of us had tears in our eyes when she shared her private struggles. Excellent presentation style and wonderfully creative slides. Bree is an absolute delight!

Marlies HobbsFLY: Financially Literate Youth

Bree is a natural entertainer and motivator. Her zest for life, business and empowering people is the perfect combination to uplift her audiences. She is authentic and not afraid to speak the truth on topics that touch us all, including matters of integrity and self-confidence. Bree is a great source of inspiration and motivation for people to let go of their fears and just “give it a go”!

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