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My Vision Book

This is the first book in the series, and ideally, where you best start. When we are in alignment with ourselves, and we gain personal clarity, the other parts of life will follow.

My Business Vision Book

For those seeking leadership & business clarity. This book dives into what you want from your business, who you want to be as a leader, your exit strategy, and everything in between. 

My Relationship Vision Book

For those seeking alignment with their intimate partner. This book dives deep into all things relationships, from intimacy and expectations, to dreams & goals.

My Parenting Vision Book

For those seeking alignment in parenting-the most important job in the world. This book dives deep into everything from behaviour management to rewards, and tech use, so all parents involved can be on the same page.

My Vision Book For Youth

Imagine if we created a clearer vision of what we want from out life in our earlier years. This Vision Book is to help our youth explore their identity, and some of the guiding principles, experiences, and aspirations they have for their future. 


There has never been a period of greater opportunity or one that is more challenging for business owners everywhere.

To help navigate these incredible entrepreneurial times, two of Australia’s leading business minds, Bree James and Andrew Griffiths, have teamed up to provide some early morning food for thought, designed to challenge conventional business thinking and to help business owners come out on top in every situation.

  • Over 100 ideas for business growth
  • 450 pages of business advice
  • Take your business to the next level

What others have to say

Kate ChristieFounder and Managing Director Time Stylers and Best-selling Author of “Me Time”

"Andrew Griffiths and Bree James are at the forefront of small business thinking- I am addicted to their Business over Breakfast podcast and I read everything they write. As an innovative business owner keen to learn and stay ahead of the curve, they are my 'go to team'. They just make sense"


"My Vision Book is the perfect tool to help those who are wanting to create their dream life. The book is beautifully designed and each module has been created to help you on your self- discovery journey. After completing the My Vision Book, I have been able to truly dive deep into my future plans and discover my true vision for my life"

Andrew GriffithsInternational Best-selling Author and Global Speaker

"The power of creating a compelling vision for our future is something that most people understand but never has it been taken to the depth that Bree James has in her "MY VISION BOOK". Visually stunning, supremely practical and the perfect way to create a truly aspirational vision for every aspect of your life. I love this book a lot"


"My vision book has helped me give me so much clarity and contentment it's asked me so many different questions some that I haven't even thought of before it's made my life a lot easier to where I want to put my time into and things are flowing a lot better I'm spending more quality time with my children and I'm doing hobbies that I've never done before"

Daniel PriestlyCo-Founder Dent Global

"Business Over Breakfast is the book you keep next to your Coco Pops. Grab a strong coffee, a pen, some paper, an I-Pad or a whiteboard, and turn your breakfast into the most productive thought provoking 30 minutes of your day".

Nicole D

"I always struggled to understand my own vision & plan I wanted for my life.
Always caring for and helping others I didn't often make time for myself & my dreams.
My Vision book helped me create a space to focus on what I want in life & my own passions.
I felt encouraged & inspired and it's changed my life"

Mario CalannaFounder Calanna Pharmacy Group

"We are each born to be Great and a Hero lies within each of us. However it takes belief, commitment, resilience and a pathway to follow to discover this Hero. Well the guide is Bree and the pathway is her incredible Vision books. How much do you want to be Great and be the best of which you are capable? You are one click or one phone call away. Go on and take the step to your better self"

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