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Bree is a natural entertainer and motivator. Her zest for life, business and empowering people is the perfect combination to uplift her audiences. She is authentic and not afraid to speak the truth on topics that touch us all, including matters of integrity and self-confidence. Bree is a great source of inspiration and motivation for people to let go of their fears and just “give it a go”!

Marlies HobbsFounder of Paleo Cafe & FLY

I attended an Author's Retreat in Bali where Bree James as one of the keynote speakers. I was previously aware of Bree as an Australian Magazine/ Media Publisher, however I had not seen her speak before. Bree is amazing. She is the content Queen on media; what publishers do and don't want; how to differentiate yourself in their eyes; how to generate endless ideas for content; and then how to manage that content. Bree has a lovely, open and generous style - she is warm and very funny. This is such a niche topic with so few experts - I would highly recommend Bree for your next event."

Kate ChristieFounder and Managing Director Time Stylers and best-selling author of "Me Time"

"Having worked with Bree James on books, on events (in Australia and internationally), on passion projects that we hope will change the lives of millions of people and much more, I find it impossible to fully explain just what a remarkable person she is in a few short words. Bree's approach to life is incredibly empowering, she is a champion for those who need a champion and she has an exceptional brain that finds solutions in situations where others only see problems. Bree has become the person that I measure all others against."

Andrew GriffithsInternational Bestselling Author and Global Speaker

As an accomplished business woman, mother and wife Bree is an engaging, entertaining speaker who is able to inspire and educate her audiences. She is able to share her insights and experience often using personal stories that the people can relate to. Her presentations include relevant and practical advice which inspire people to take action. She is fun, energetic and absolutely 100% authentic. I can highly recommend Bree as a professional speaker.

Sam HarropSpeaker - Author - Trainer