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Bree coaches those willing to do the work to reach their full potential. She’s your guide if you want to clarify your life and business vision, take your business to the next level, or solidify how the world sees your personal or business branding. She loves to work one on one with people for 12 week blocks, in a group coaching setting online or face to face.

Bree and her team have a range of training packages they deliver to teams that want to take their digital, sales, business, content, marketing and customer skills to the next level.


A great way to learn at your own pace, Bree’s e-courses have been developed with your needs in mind.



For those looking for an immersive experience, Bree’s retreats offer that perfect balance between learning and living.



A broad range of topics for people who want to improve professionally and personally.


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What others have to say

Alyssa Marino

The Vision Voyage was such a unique experience in the sense that you weren’t stuck in a classroom all day, instead we got to experience the beauty of Bali as well as embark on a journey of self discovery and I think that is pretty special. If you’re considering booking the Vision Voyage, I’d say go for it! I know it may seem a little daunting but I promise it’s an experience you won’t forget any time soon.

Monique Saggers

The Vision Voyage is something I will forever cherish. This amazing experience has not only given me life long friendships but also a new perspective on how I view myself and my future. In the span of 4 days we got to explore beautiful bali while deep diving into our Vision Book questions with our guide Bree James. To this day I still refer back to what I learnt on this vision voyage and I'm very grateful. If you are wanting to gain clarity and focus on your future, I highly suggest you embark on the Vision Voyage.

Elle Latham

The Vision Voyage for me was a really enjoyable experience, I was fortunate to make friends with the people on the Vision Voyage that I see as a long term friendship going into the future. We had so many fun days and we learnt something new every day. I have really happy memories from doing this trip and I would quite happily do it again every single year.

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